About us

Higher Rootss believes in helping our members access the highest quality BC Cannabis. Doing business under the Penticton Compassion Society, we support members in accessing the very best medicinal cannabis, in a safe and secure manner. Located in British Columbia's beautiful Okanagan Valley gives us access to the very best BC Bud found anywhere.  Our staff are extremely knowledgeable and professional on all types of product.

Many sufferers of chronic medical conditions may be wary of regular prescription drug use, especially if they require medication for pain relief. Often times, these medications can be addictive and/or come with severe, unpleasant side effects, including potential for overdose. One of medical marijuana's greatest advantages is its remarkable safety and wide range of medical benefits. It has little effect on major physiological functions and there is no known case of lethal overdose.

Federal Legislation and the laws surrounding Cannabis use are evolving, however until then we ask you to become a member of the Penticton Compassion Society which provides you safe secure access to on-line sales of products. All products are vacuum sealed and shipped via Priority Canada Post with a two-day delivery expected in Canada.

Members must be 19 years of age and provide Government issued Photo identification along with membership application form completed on-line., 

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