What is the difference between a sativa strain and a indica strain?

Sativa buds grow tall and thin. Sativas are more suited for daytime smoking as they have an energetic, uplifting, and cerebral high. Sativas stimulate, increase focus, spark creativity, fights depression and gives a feelings of at-ease. Generally sativa have more of a grassier type odor to the bud. 

Indica buds grow short and wide. Indicas provide a deep relaxing physical high. Helpful for insomnia, pain relief, headaches, general anxiety, stress, and sleeping disorders. Commonly smoked in the evening for it's sleepy effects. Generally strong sweet or sour odor to indica buds. 

Hybrid strains are cross strains between a sativa and a indica. A hybrid can be more sativa prominent or more indica prominent ( 30% Sativa 70% Indica, 50% Sativa 50% Indica, 80% Sativa 20% Indica). Hybrids have certain percentages of sativa and indica to better treat specific illnesses.  

Sativas and indicas can be used to target different illnesses because of their different medicinal benefits and effects.

Do you offer a Referral Program? 

Why YES we do! we offer an amazing referral program. Sign up some one in the need for medical marijuana today, have them complete their first order, and you will receive 3.5 grams of the strain of your choice on the house. 


When will my order ship? 

Orders are shipped out within 1-2 business days from receiving payment via E-mail money transfer. Once order is shipped you will receive an email receipt with tracking information. 

When should I expect delivery? 

Orders are shipped via Canada post Xpresspost with a tracking number. Deliveries can be expected 1-3 business days after shipment. A email will be sent including tracking number and expected delivery date.

What are the shipping fees? 

Orders $1-$200 will have a $15 shipping fee, and orders over $200 will have no shipping fee. You can expect your order in 1-3 business days, after order has been processed. Orders are shipped by Xpresspost and a tracking number will be emailed after your order ships. Please allow an extra couple of business days if you live in a remote area.

How will my order be packaged? 

Packages will be shipped in a nondescript box or bubble envelope with no indication of what is inside. The product will be vacuum sealed to maintain freshness and privacy. 

Do you ship outside of Canada? 

No, we currently do not. 

Do you have contact phone number? 

We are available via e-mail at higherrootss@gmail.com, and will respond to any questions as soon as possible. 

What is your methods of payment? 

Currently our only method of payment is E-mail money transfers. All you need is online banking. Payment info will be available in check out. 

Is tax included in price?

Yes, we include 5% GST in price.